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Behavioral Health Screening Tools

SBH has established behavioral health screening programs to assist providers and practitioners in determining the likelihood that a member has a coexisting substance use and mental health disorder. These screening tools are based on evidence from research studies that have been shown to be effective in the detection of positive screening for behavioral health symptoms and can be used as part of the general assessment of a member to determine if further evaluation is needed for formal diagnostic identification and treatment planning.

Screening members who have a mental health disorder for the possible presence of an existing substance use disorder
     • Coexisting Substance Use Disorder Screening Program
     • CAGE AID (Substance Abuse Screening Tool-Adapted to Include Drug Use)

Screening members who have a substance use disorder for the possible presence of co-existing mental health disorder
     • Coexisting Mental Health Disorder Screening Program
     • Patient Health Questionnaire-9 (PHQ-9)

Additional screening tools made available to our providers include programs for the screening and assessment of metabolic syndrome
     • Metabolic Syndrome Screening Program

As members of the SBH network, providers and practitioners may select one or more of the screening instruments to add to their existing array of tools. SBH distributes information on the screening programs to practitioners and providers at least every two years by updates to the provider manual, email and on its website. SBH welcomes feedback from providers about other screening tools they use in their current treatment setting. Feedback and recommendations will be taken into consideration for future features/highlights on our website. Feedback or recommendations may be sent to

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